5 Tips For Whale Watching In Australia

Australia is not just about the splendid beaches, winery bliss, and unique wildlife. It is home to some of the endangered and unprecedented species of whales that are found nowhere in the world. There are several hot spots in Australia where you can see them breaching from almost 100 meters away. Mostly Humpback whales but watching blue whales, Minke, Sei, Southern Right, Brydes, and sometimes dolphin is a treat in the waters of Australia. The most suitable time for Whale watching in Australia is between June and early July. Although it can be seen anytime between May to June and September to November. But during this time, their migration is on peak and there is a good chance that you don’t come home unrewarded. There are many spots in Australia that offer whale watching from land and water but the famous ones are Harvey Bay in Queensland, In West Australia, it’s Exmouth and Albany, in South Australia, it’s Great Australian Bight Marine Park. In New South Wales, the best place to spot whales in Eden, whereas, NSW region has more than 860 national and coastal parks and reserves that offer splendid whale watching opportunities. Let’s find out the 5 happy to go tips for whale watching in Australia. These are the mandatory items and precautions that you need to carry along with yourself while heading towards the whale watching adventure,

Sun Protection Items

Such as sunglasses, hat or scarf, and sunscreen are the must to carry along the way. The best choice for shades will be the one that would have a bit of polarisation in it to protect you from UV rays and the hot glares of the sun.

Sea Sickness Medicine

Prepare for weather eventualities when you are in the open ocean. Make sure you pack sea-sickness medicines with you just in case. Some people recommend taking the pill before getting into the water for whale watching cruise sydney to avoid any uncertainties on the way. Keeping your body hydrated also helps in evading sea-sickness. So a water bottle is a must in your backpack.

Wind & Waterproof Jacket & Shoes

Wear closed-toe and slip-proof or rubber-soled pair of shoes to keep you protected on the wet-deck. Also, carry a pair of socks in case you get them drenched.


Watching whales is an exquisite experience and to keep memories forever, don’t forget to bring along the camera. Having a wrist strap or a neck strap is even better to avoid any losing it in waters.

Land-based Whale Sighting

If you don’t appreciate water exploration, but fancies watching whales. Watch them from the land. There are many spots in Australia that offer whale watching from the land with little pieces of equipment.

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