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Accommodation, without a doubt, forms the most significant concern for people around the world in deciding to explore or change their surroundings. This involves going our just for travel, as a student or for honeymoon. Kings Cross Festival is one of the best organizations operating in Australia that make accommodation provisions in Kings Cross successful and effective.

We do this in line with our vision of providing services that is cost-effective and provides value for money. This vision runs all our efforts and keeps us engaged in adding value to our customers





In providing our services to our valued customer base, we ensure that the accommodation that we provide is fit for your purpose. This purpose may vary depending on why you are visiting. If you are visiting for vacations, you might be comfortable with a small space because you will not even be in it for very long. However, if you are looking to find accommodation as a student, it will be important that your accommodation be a decent size.

In addition, we also provide services in meals with your accommodation. This might be especially useful to you if you seek to find accommodation as a student rather than just for vacations. We ensure all checks on quality before recommending spaces to you because our customers are everything for us.


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5 Tips For Whale Watching In Australia

Australia is not just about the splendid beaches, winery bliss, and unique wildlife. It is home to some of the endangered and unprecedented species of whales that are found nowhere in the world. There are several hot spots in Australia where you can see them breaching from almost 100 meters away. Mostly Humpback whales but watching blue whales, Minke, Sei, Southern Right, Brydes, and sometimes dolphin is a treat in the waters of Australia. The most suitable time for Whale watching in Australia is between June and early July. Although it can be seen anytime between May to June and September to November. But during this time, their migration is on peak and there is a good chance that you don’t come home unrewarded. There are many spots in Australia that offer whale watching from land and water but the famous ones are Harvey Bay in Queensland, In West Australia, it’s Exmouth and Albany, in South Australia, it’s Great Australian Bight Marine Park. In New South Wales, the best place to spot whales in Eden, whereas, NSW region has more than 860 national and coastal parks and reserves that offer splendid whale watching opportunities. Let’s find out the 5 happy to go tips for whale watching in Australia. These are the mandatory items and precautions that you need to carry along with yourself while heading towards the whale watching adventure,

Sun Protection Items

Such as sunglasses, hat or scarf, and sunscreen are the must to carry along the way. The best choice for shades will be the one that would have a bit of polarisation in it to protect you from UV rays and the hot glares of the sun.

Sea Sickness Medicine

Prepare for weather eventualities when you are in the open ocean. Make sure you pack sea-sickness medicines with you just in case. Some people recommend taking the pill before getting into the water for whale watching cruise sydney to avoid any uncertainties on the way. Keeping your body hydrated also helps in evading sea-sickness. So a water bottle is a must in your backpack.

Wind & Waterproof Jacket & Shoes

Wear closed-toe and slip-proof or rubber-soled pair of shoes to keep you protected on the wet-deck. Also, carry a pair of socks in case you get them drenched.


Watching whales is an exquisite experience and to keep memories forever, don’t forget to bring along the camera. Having a wrist strap or a neck strap is even better to avoid any losing it in waters.

Land-based Whale Sighting

If you don’t appreciate water exploration, but fancies watching whales. Watch them from the land. There are many spots in Australia that offer whale watching from the land with little pieces of equipment.

Here’s how to find the perfect room in a shared accommodation

1. Who knows what to look for, he finds it.

How does the saying go? Who seeks, finds? Do you already know exactly what to look for? Which neighborhood would you like to live in? What size should the room have? What is the budget available? Do you prefer roommates for men or women, and what age? Do you care about cooking together and cleaning the house? Do you prefer to share the accommodation individually and independently? Which aspects are absolutely essential, which are desirable and which ones are you willing to discuss? Much information can already be obtained from announcements of rooms in shared accommodation. This way you save time by not visiting shared accommodations that do not match your criteria

2. Where to look?

WG-Zimmer , students.ch or Ronorp platforms are very useful for carrying out a search based on your needs . Of course you can involve your friends in finding a room in a shared accommodation using Facebook or e-mail – perhaps one of them knows someone who is looking for a roommate or a roommate.

The more precise the description of what you are looking for, the more likely you are to succeed. Nor should we forget the word-of-mouth offline route. Tell your friends about your research – unexpected acquaintances often emerge from acquaintances and from their circle of acquaintances.

3. You absolutely want to get that room

Among the announcements you have found a room that convinces you from all points of view and you absolutely want to become a roommate of that apartment? In this case, let people know that you already live there. Create a special application that allows you to emerge from the mass of other interested parties. Make sure it contains all the important and necessary information, because most likely no one will take the trouble to search for the data to contact you. Explain clearly why you want to share that accommodation and why you think you are the ideal roommate or roommate.

4. Visit the shared accommodation

If you are lucky, your application will result in an invitation to visit the accommodation. Clarify the outstanding points, the aspects that are essential for you and those on which you are willing to discuss (see point 1). This will help you understand if the shared accommodation is right for you. Most likely they will ask you questions. Be frank and do not conceal anything, because in the end a possible cohabitation will also have to work. Lies are therefore absolutely to be avoided.

5. If the application was not successful

If your roommates have chosen another person, try not to take it, even if it won’t be easy at first. Think that there are still many other fantastic homes and shared rooms waiting for you. The best thing is to spread the news that you are looking for a room in a shared accommodation with as many friends and acquaintances as you can. Perhaps you will find the right solution for you through these channels.


Does the name Bloomsbury sound familiar? If you are a Potterhead you will certainly not miss the bond with the publisher who produced the Harry Potter books ; if you are fond of English literature of the 20th century, you cannot but think of Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group; if you are an art lover, you will probably know that the British Museum is here … in short, Bloomsbury is one of the most famous neighborhoods in London and to visit absolutely if culture, history, art and literature fascinate you.

Obviously, being in one of the most central and touristy areas of the city , it is a neighborhood in which it is rather expensive to stay, not to mention how expensive it is to try to live there! However, if your dream is to spend a day in front of the Charles Dickens museum , read a book sitting next to the statue of Virgina Woolf or look for positive inspiration by observing the statue of Gandhi, let’s see together what to know about the Bloomsbury neighborhood, from the position to what to see , up to the average cost of hotels and rentals.

Here are some summary information on Bloomsbury:

  • Zone: 1
  • Borough and council: Camden
  • Location: West End
  • Postcode: WC1
  • Metro: yes – Russell Square, King’s Cross St. Pancras, Euston Square
  • Trains: yes (from Euston, King’s Cross and St. Pancras International)
  • Transport by ship: no
  • Hospitals: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, Eastman Dental Hospital and Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital
  • Schools: there are numerous schools, even if the area is famous above all for the universities among which the University College London (UCL) and the schools of artistic specialization among which the London Contemporary Dance School and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Bloomsbury: what area is it and how to reach it

Bloomsbury is located in London’s West End : although it is not possible to precisely delineate the borders, it extends more or less into the area bounded by Tottenham Court Road to the west, Euston Road to the north, Grey’s Inn Road to the east and High Holborn to south. It is a stone’s throw (north) from St Pancras and King’s Cross while it borders Holborn to the south. Connected by bus, metro and train, from Bloomsbury it is possible to reach in a few minutes all the main attractions of London, from Piccadilly Circus to Covent Garden, up to the National Gallery.



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